Thursday, 20 August 2009


I'd built a fortress a thousand moons ago, after the massive plunder the Sorceress inflicted on my city. This fortress would keep my city safe from the pain and the gore that love condemns with. This fortress could never be breached. Neither human, nor soul, nor the Black Wind could breach this fortress I'd made. The walls were so high that even eagles couldn't scale them. They were so thick that even the might of a hundred beasts could never breach them.

The walls of this fortress I'd tried to strengthen with many layers of stone - "Stone-hearted". I'd man the watch-towers to keep intruders at bay. I'd soar the gloomy sky 'round the high walls to make sure no one came near. Intruders who tried to hard would be greeted with a wild roar, and chased out till they'd promise themselves that they'd never return. I'd scan the scents carried by the Black Wind for signs of trespassers, and the hollowness within the fortress made hearing even the faintest sound easy to pick.

No one, yes, no one could have ever entered my fortress. My Fortress could have stood forever, untouched by plunder and the weather of time. For a thousand suns, it stood like a giant, warning off every soul that dreamt of laying seige and capturing it.

And then one day, you stood in front of my Fortress. You hadn't the Magic of a Sorceress, nor the guile of a WOlf, nor the strength of a raging sea. All you had were a gentle smile, a soft voice, and hearty laugh, a caring heart, and an aura that spake of your innocence and your vulnerability. I don't know if your aura lied, but I felt you were like me. 

You were like me, and I like you - nay, I LOVE you.

So I've torn down the walls of my Fortress. I've pulled down the watch-towers. I've peeled off the layers of stone now. 

I'm begging you to enter the gates of my Fortress. See, I've thrown the gates wide open. Nay - I've broken them down, all so that you could enter without trouble.

I'm begging you to come right in.

Once you're in, lets together rebuild this Fortress. Let this be OUR new Fortress. A Fortress that would keep us safe and away from the Evil World outside. 

A Fortress that wouldn't let even the mighty Black Wind partake of our love. A Fortress just for OUR Love.

These pics are taken from the Vasai/Bassein Fort, Vasai, Thane, Maharashtra. Had gone there omn a trip on the 16th of August. Lovely place. For the fort's history CLICK THIS

For more pictures from the trip, visit my orkut album. Click THIS

Sunday, 9 August 2009


The two men were now at each other's throats, holding each other by the collar. They didn't say a word. They just looked deep into each other's eyes with seething rage and puffing chests. But they both knew that this wasn't how true cowboys settled scores. This definitely called for a duel. So what if the fight was only over a seat at the saloon? 

Just two tables away, an old man downed his tequila, and wiped his lips dry. He smiled.

A few minutes later, the two cowboys were standing on the dusty road outside the saloon, with their backs against each other, and their Big-Tex revolvers gripped firmly in their hands. Kish was a little tense, even though he'd won a dozen duels before, at the same spot. A few metres away, Clara, the mini-skirted waitress stood with her foot against the wall, showing off her well-toned thighs and legs and pouting suggestively at Kish. Kish winked at her. The old man was standing next to her, watching every movement that the two men made.

Kish began to count.

"One", and the two men walked one pace ahead.

The old man smiled.

"Two" and another step ahead.

The old man's smile grew a little more wide.

"Three" - a step..."Four" - another step..."Five" - yet another step.

The old man's eyes now began to go moist.



The old man was now beaming with pride. He thought he heard an Indian flute play a lovely tune in the distance, and his mind wandered to the past, when Kish didn't know how to count.

He said to himself....

"Yakeen Nahin Aata...Yeh Wohi Kishan Hai?"

Again in the distance, he heard Kavita Krishnamoorthy sing in a melodious voice.

Poorab Se Soorya Uga,
Faailaa Ujiyaara,
Jaagi Har Disha Disha
Jaaga Jag Saara..

Poorab Se Soorya Uga,
Faailaa Ujiyaara

Chalo Padhaayein, Kuch Kar Dikhaayein

Raashtriya Saaksharta Mission!!

P.S. - What happened at the end, I leave to your imagination :P

Maybe its a damn stupid story. But I'm Soooo Sorry. Im Just Plain BORED :d