Friday, 4 December 2009


A Slight Little Trembling Bend Of My Lips
Won't Be The Only Way To Smile At You Then

A Stolen Glance From The Corner Of My Eye
Won't Be The Only Way To Look At You Then

A Shed Of A Teardrop And Lips On A Photograph
Won't Be The Only Way To Kiss You Then


.......But Then, I Really Wonder,
If You'd Ever Even Laugh At Me Then....


  1. :) .. that was sad.. bt very good! nice writing there...

  2. nicely written...
    straight and simple.

    But the pic is disturbing

  3. I Liked the way it is written, reflects the importance of every word written (by capitalizing it).The imagination is loud and it is very well portrayed in words.

  4. Melancholic, but touching. Loved the way the words are strung.

  5. touching...
    simple and to the point..
    :) loved always!

  6. That was so simple, yet brilliant. Loved the flow of words.

  7. Well written! As simple as possible... And is there a connection between the poem and the pic? You could've chosen a better one! Anyway, nice work! Keep writing!

  8. Chris re. :) Touched my soul.

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  10. that was awesome!Came straight from ur heart!

  11. M Speechless...too Good..Very touching.. Keep it up!

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