Friday, 18 July 2008


Haven't posted since a long time. Tax returns for the whole family are keeping me busy in the daytime. I do stay on orkut and gmail almost all day, but its only at night that I'm actually able to chat well.

I've loved doodling since a long time. Doodling? Well, the IMVIRONMENT on Yahoo Messenger that allows you to draw and stuff. Some friends think I'm a moron [:P] for enjoying it. But then, a few friends share my passion..ok ok, they're not exactly passionate about it, but they're sporting enough to play along and join in the fun. A couple of em are serious doodlers too :)

Here's what I drew while chatting last night, with a friend of mine, Susan. Well actually, I drew it while she was away for some time, attending to a customer.

When she came back, we got a lil more innovative and gave "Sherkhan" a coll pair of Gogs. And we even gave the poor Khan a new name. "Kool Kat"! :)

And oh, there's more...I and a friend once had done something like drawing a vertical line through the centre of the page, each of us having one half, and venting our frustrations on each of our side of the line of control.:P "Abstract art" she called it. At the end of the session we'd give our individual drawing a title. So I and Susan did the same, and we came up with this.

She titled her side (the left is hers) "Intezaar"

And I titled mine....

Hell, no..I asked her to guess what I had named mine. She said the guy looked dejected, and so maybe the title was "Dejection"

I actually christened it "RELIEF".


Doesn't the guy look like he's relieving himself on some street in Mumbai? :P

Saturday, 5 July 2008


Well, I've finally decided to change my blog url to one which is perceived more serious. I remember I was introduced to blogging in May last year by my netpal SSNAB, and I thought I'd just give it a try. I never really thought I'd become really serious abt it, so I'd used my default gmail id "crissdude" as my blog url. DREAM ARENA was what I had named my first baby, maybe because I'm a fan of Dream Theater. But one year down the line, and I'm still a blogger. I've grown older, but my blog hadn't evolved. Guess its time she finally did!

So now, I bid farewell to DREAM ARENA. She had been an obedient child, and always took all my crap, no questions asked. I know I'll miss her. But I welcome her new avatar as a young lady. She's now "SCRIPTED IN SANITY"

I know that banner reads as Scripted INSANITY, but thats just a facade. A sinister plot, a make-believe. We're both pretty much Sane :d

Pranay helped a lot in designing the banner, and with changing the background. Thanx a ton dude :)

FAREWELL DREAM ARENA. Hope your new life as "SCRIPTED IN SANITY" does better than your young kiddish avatar...

Only time will tell. Oh no, even comments will :P