Thursday, 27 November 2008


I've won an Award!! :)

Pratibha gave me this award. Must say it came as a pleasant surprise. Its great to win a new fan in just 2 readings :)

Thanks a tonne Gal!

Now...a lil bit about the award : (verbatim from Pratibha's blog...sorry for not being creative in that aspect :P)

This is the message for the award. It is to be passed to 8 other bloggers for the sentiments below. This award states that:

This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY- nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers.

Here is my list of people to pass this award -

To Pratibha...not just returning the favour, but also for being a multi-talented blogger. You've got to see her Drawings blog.

To SSNAB...for being the first person to introduce me to blogging. :)
And not to forget her writing talent and her creativity in making things out of junk.

To Sudha...for being a loyal reader and following up on my blog without me having to bombard her with reminders :P, and for making time out of her hectic MBA schedule to blog.

To Kriti...for her dark brooding posts, which I simply love. (much like her swinging moods :P)

To Kushal...for poems in which he wonderfully plays with words, even though most of the times I hardly understand what they mean :P

To Marj...for posts that I can almost always relate to (especially those dealing with diets :P)

To Pranay...for being there to help whenever I need help with blogging tips. By the way, the banner that you see on this blog is courtesy Pranay :) Cheers Dude!

To Tara..for being my blogospehere sis :)

Actually, I'd like to give it to a lot more people, like Rashi, Nishi, Teena, Radhika, Alaena, Alisha, Shane, Pooja, etc. Dang! Wonder why most of em are gals. ;)

So people, go ahead and find your awardees :)




    On this humble occasion, I lack words (which is actually a norm these days... considering I have writers' block!)


    I'd take this opportunity to thank Larry Page (for inventing google... coz that's where it all started! :P)... then of course the man behind blogger... whoever he was...
    my parents (especially my dad... mom is kinda cool).. for never reading my blog (for obvious reasons!)..
    my friends.. for deserting me wenevr i was in need of some 'comments'...
    orkut.. and bloggeratti... for introducing me to Chris...
    and Pratibha (even though i dont know you...) of course!



    *wipes her tears*

    *grows hysterical*



    *laughs out loud*

    *is carried off to the asylum...*

    THE END!

    Thank you all for bearing with me!

    On a more serious note- THANKS CHRIS!!
    for the award.. and for listening to my incessant blabberings whenever i am cranky! :P

    Keep blogging!

    *grinning from ear to ear*

  2. Thank you so much brother! Am honored! It really means a lot! Thank you! :)

  3. Awww!! even if you didnt actually give it to me??

  4. Every man has a wolf in them. ;)

    anyway.. congratulations for the award..

  5. I don't deserve it. But Chris, thank you. Made my week. And this week has really been despondent, I've been crying and praying for Bombay, and its people.

  6. Hey Chris, thanks so much for the honour!! You made my day :) !!
    n congratulations on ur award!!!
    On a serious note, ur blog does not need reminders to lure readers!

  7. Congratulations on yr award :) Your stories are really gr8 and you deserve it. And you dont really need to lure anyone to read yr blog.. I do visit but i am ashamed to say I am too lazy to comment ***looking extremely sheepish***

  8. Congrats Chris :)
    May you get many more :)

  9. Hey, fellow dream theater lover! You write well, liked the last post!
    Keep blogging and CONGRATS on your award!

  10. LOL @ creation's comment, way too cool. I Love melodrama :D

    infact criss, all of us are girls :p

    and congrats, i got the same award but unfortunately i dont know what to do with it, how to all it to my blog :p...

    Pranay, you there?? (can my voice reach chenai?)

  11. well i have read mst of ur latest posts .. so i comment here only :P !!

    n thanks for the kind words :)

  12. Congratulations!

    And thank you for appreciating the posts on my blog :)

    And yes, I will be removing the word verification step soon.

  13. umm.. nyc blog u ve got here! =)

    n congrtaz! *applause* ^-^

  14. Congratulations!! So how does one get there??

  15. great to see de new look of your blog... and lots in here dat deserves a read... great catch up on my latest post... u'll know why i say so:)

  16. ZOMG....

    Thanks a lot man. Award for me too :D


  17. Heh! This is great! Congratulations, Chris, I never knew I was interacting with an award-winning blogger ;-)

    This one's almost like a tag, I believe... and nicely penned, as all your posts are :-)

  18. i just surfed thru to find an old post to comment on.. ah! congrats on ur awards.. i never recieved any :( nor did i giv any ... donno how they do it! but i found this first comment pretty interesting! keep rocking!!


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