Monday, 31 March 2008


Bought a Samsung E250 as soon as I got my first salary on Jan 1. It cost me exactly 5450 bucks. It had all the features I wanted in a cellphone, a camera with zoom, an MP3 player, and FM radio. I even got a 1 GB memory card free with the ebony-black beauty. It was a sliding phone, which I was initially not happy about, but eventually thought it added to its cool factor. It even had a thief-tracking facility, wherein if anyone stole your phone, the number of the new SIM inserted would be flashed to 2 of your confidantes whom you'd register while activating the feature. All of this for JUST Rs.5450/-!! I had to buy it!!!

And I HAD to lose it too. Two weeks back I missed my Company Transport and had to take public transport. Tried to board a MORE-THAN-OVERCROWDED train at Andheri Station to go to Goregaon, which is just 2 stations away. I had let 2 trains go before this since they were MORE-THAN-OVERCROWDED and could'nt afford to miss this one and reach office late. Kept it in my left pant pocket, which was quite deep. Even packed in 2 handkerchiefs deep into my pocket, right over the phone for safety reasons. But wonder of wonders, in a matter of JUST 2 stations, my phone vanished by the time i got off at my destination and checked my pockets. And no, I did'nt lose either of my kerchiefs as complementary gifts to the B@#@#@D. They were still in my pocket...deep down in my pocket where I had thrust them securely. I bet even DAVID BLAINE would'nt be able to pull off a trick like that. But I was'nt that worried. After all it had the mobile tracking system. All I had to do was go to the railway police station just outside Goregaon Railway Station and file an FIR. After all the case was simple. In a few hours I'd have the scoundrel's number, and all the police would have to do is to get his name and location from his telephone service provider and nab him.

But no! Its been 2 antagonisingly long weeks and I'm yet to get my cell!
Went to Goregaon Railway Police Station. The 'Respectable' Inspector (cliched title borrowed from Bollywood) told me to go to Borivali Railway Station since it fell under their jurisdiction, to file the FIR. Only after I insisted did he grumblingly give me his register to jot down my name and adress and the details of the lost cell. The next morning, after an hour of "YOU'RE SUCH AN IRRESPONSIBLE USELESS FAILURE AND LOSER" motivational speech from my dad, I went to Borivali Station with the Purchase bill and the Box in which the Cell was packed. With the help of a TTE who was my cousin's friend(really helpful guy, Mr Sameer Jamdar, thanks a lot Sir), I was able to speak to the head of the police station(I think I'll call him an Inspector too). The Inspector told me to write an application and attach copies of the bill, which I did. He assured me that in a couple of days' time, the culprit would be nabbed, and I'd have my cell phone.

I left the Station, proud that I purchased such a wonderful cellfone, that I would never ever worry about losing. I thought a 2 day wait was pretty kewl. I'd wait for 48 hours....

14 days have passed.....

I'm still waiting........


  1. oye yaar...tussi tension na lo!!! twadda mobile kuhudi chalke ayega.. ok :)
    m givin u company naa.. my bro has b'cm faraar with my fone.. he'll b back only on 8-10 of april i guess.. :(

    i think its a very cosmic.. videshi haath type funda here.. my another capri frnd also has mobile prblm n is without 1 fr past 2 weeks.. hmm.. technically even m without 1 fr past 2-3 weeks.. cool huh!!!! ghor sazish!!!!

  2. great post buddy .... but the truth is just that .. you never gonna have your cellphone back .. :)

    sayin by personal experience buddy

    have a great day .. keep smiling

    ~~~Golden Vulture~~~

  3. aww man that totally sucks. I feel for ya. I'll keep my finger crossed for you but rarely do u end up getting such items back. disconnect yr servvice in the meantime.

  4. Aww!! I can so feel the pain!! I think it hurts more when its your money!! I hope you get it back :)

  5. hi...
    really liked this post..
    it always is pleasing to read such a human story..

  6. hey.. cant the samsung ppl do anything..? cant they trace u'r mob?

  7. just in case u dnt wanna keep waiting a new1 :P

  8. dude.. even i m eagerly waiting to know the result.. lemme knw too

  9. Hope u get it back...


  10. ohho ! it feels so disgusting in such situations
    hope you get your phone back
    nowadays, thieves are tech-updated too

  11. well.. reply to ur question.. well.. i was inspired by a story i read recently to make the dreamer a girl..

    losing my fone would b a bitter thing which would give heartburns in my case...

  12. nice blog

  13. nice post

  14. I don't like samsung mobiles but I liked ur dusky.
    From where u got it?
    plz tell me on my scrapbook

  15. so did u like get ur pone bak ;-)
    wat model u sing now
    Dnt u like listen to music wen ur travlein cz that gives u the feel that ur ph is wit u


  16. didnt u usedd that anti-theft feature...
    what the heck is that for?

  17. nice post bro...
    keep up gud wrk

  18. experianced the same with my n73 but finally by god grace a call came to me about my cell phone...i immediately went there and just kssed my mobile first..

  19. heh i understand d agony of losing something u bought wid ur hard earned money and as for mobiles, somehow it has become an easily disposable commodity. for the record, in the four years of my college life, i've heard of nearly 50 mobiles being stolen from the hostel in my batch alone!! Everything from brand new N92's, W810's, to 1100's...

  20. I hope you get it back somehow anyhow :P..And yea I was made to believe from the day 1 that this tracking shyt is crap :P



  22. stop waiting dude!! the chances of it coming back are very slim...anyways try nokia phone next time dude..the new ones are better than samsung for sure !!!

  23. hilarious account. okay, correction: an account hilariously told.
    btw..are you still waitin?
    oops, if the answer is yes, i swear i dint ask just to rub it in. :P

    blogrollin you.. :)

  24. eeeeeks.i've never lost a cellphone n am a lil arrogant abt tht!but,all the best 2 u.

  25. he he..i have just bought a n82..and keep fearing i will lose it neday..considering my legendary absentmindedness..interesting post:-)

  26. when i lost my first cell phone, Siemens a35, i g ot siemens c42, and when that cell phone was broken down away, i got siemens M65. and when it was Flushed away, i got Nokia 6280.

    i dropped that in karachi, and i wanted to live cell less all my life because i saved money for months to buy it, many months!!
    but then i got a laptop and Sonyerricson w660i..

    i believe One thing, when you're bereaved it always comes with a compensation, and that too... a better one.


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