Tuesday, 24 July 2007


The hindi film industry. aka BOLLYWOOD churns out hundreds of movies every year. Movies are a reflection of our society, rather they're meant to be. But going by the stereotypes we come across in movies year after year, this is far from the truth.

Allow me to show you some examples.


  • No matter which part of the world you go to, if you ever come across a Punjabi, it will always be a Sardarji.
  • All Sardar couples are comical and loud. The whole family are extroverts and can make you feel at home anywhere.
  • Punjabis can break into a Bhangra anywhere, anytime.
  • Go to any Punjabi household, at any time of the day, even in the wee hours, you'll be served 'Makkey di Roti' and 'Sarson Da Saag'.
  • A Sardar has to just say "Jo Boley So Nihaal, Sat Sri Akaal' in hopeless times, and he suddenly turn into a superhero who can pull off almost anything. Some stunts can even put Rajnikant to shame.


  • No matter which part of South India you come from, whether you're a Kannadiga or a Telugu or a Malayali, you are a 'Madraasi' in a hindi movie.
  • South Indians eat either Idli or Dosa for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brumch, snacks..........
  • South Indians absolutely cannot speak Hindi well.
  • Southie males are all dark and wear mundus and chandan teekaas, while the females wear kanjeevaram sarees and gajraas 24x7. They all have thick accents.


  • Catholic males have only 3 names to choose from - Tony, Robert and Johnny.
  • Catholics are heavy boozers and spend 30 hours a day out of 24 drinking fenny or rum or gin or scotch or whiskey or beer or a cocktail of all the above [:P]
  • They all wear huge crossesround their necks.
  • Females always wear frocks or short skirts and sleeveless tops.
  • Catholic aunties are all widows whose husbands have died due to booze overdose. Ironically, the widows go on to own a Desi Daaru bar and drunkards all over India insist on going to 'Aunty's Bar' only.
  • Their Hindi is terrible. They say 'Karta' for both males and females.
  • Catholics address every thing that has ever walked on the surface of the planet as 'Man'. for eg: "Aye Man, kya karta hai?" can be said to a man, woman or a kid.....or even a dog.


  • Muslim men have only 3 names to choose from - Abdul, Ali or Salim.
  • Every village or mohalla has atleast one respected elder called 'Khan Chacha'. He's eternally dressed in white, has a white beard and holds a rosary.
  • Saying 'Ya Ali' makes a Muslim Superman and Batman combined.


  • All Sindhis speak in the same Sindhi accent. Its as if the same dubbing artiste has lent his voice to the actors over a period of more than 50 years. And they say 'Addey Babba' once in 2 minutes.
  • Bengalis say 'Korta Hai', 'Hoodi Baba', 'Babu Moshaai' and 'Roshogolla' million times a day.
  • Nepalis will never lose their Nepali accent, no matter how many years they might have spent in India. Also, they're doomed to be the building watchman or Gurkha. All of them are called 'Bahaadoor'.
  • All people from UP and Bihar are country guys who can speak only in Bhojpuri. And they all rear cattle.