Tuesday, 4 December 2007

ऐ - काश

ऐ - काश कि हम कभी मिले ही न होते,
गुलज़ार दिल में कभी खिले ही न होते,
न लगने लगता सच हर सपना,
उम्मीद के दामन कभी मिले ही न होते।

उन झील-सी आँखों में डूब ही न जाते,
उन प्यारी बातों में खो ही न पाते,
उस मासूमियत, उस भोलेपन,
उन कमसिन अदाओं से बहल ही न जाते।

जो मिलते नहीं तो बिछड ही न जाते,
ये रेत के महल कभी फ़ना ही न होते,
न पल-पल दर्द का आलम होता,
ये अश्क के साग़र कभी बने ही न होते।

हम काफ़िर कभी बने ही न होते,
यकीन-ए-इश्क से कभी हिले ही न होते,
यूँ मौत न आती तिनका-तिनका ,
ऐ-काश कि हम कभी मिले ही न होते।


  1. i still dont understand your poem!! cheer-up yaar :)

  2. is this the second poem im reading with aye-kash !!! i dont know i hav this feeling...but i am not a true judge of hindi poetry...i can read and unstand...but am not worthy enough !!!

  3. okay man...m nt good with Hindi & this is my 1st time here...hope to see sum better stuff

    BTW...u take loooong gaps between posts though...haha!!!

  4. waah janab..waah..apka toh jawab hi nahi hai!!!
    bahi aapne hume yaad dila di apne dard ki...
    yeh ishq hai mere yaar...
    yeh ishq nahi aasan....
    aaj ka dariya hai..
    aur isme doob ke jana hai!!

  5. hey its a nice poem man

    really gr8
    ausumn ,awesome work

  6. nice poem yaar......nd i replied 2 ur comment, u can check it..

  7. I guess i already wrote a comment on this one in ur previous blog....as i said am not so good at writing Hindi poems...so i really appreciate someone who can pen them....keep going...

  8. Is that an original piece of work by you ...
    If yes, then well done !!!

  9. yes dude..it is mine..seems u liked it.thanx

  10. wonderful poetry man.. very good :D

  11. wonderful..Kudos 2 u!! me never in2 hindi poetry...dis is so refreshing..

  12. very gd post dude.....dis is da 1st blog which iv seen usin hindi, excellent man...kep it up

  13. Your poetic use of the language makes my already weak Hindi seem weaker still - but the emotion finds it way through. Keep it up!

  14. wow. that was some poem yaar!Its better than your last one, no matter what you say.Are you hiding something from everyone? ;)

    Beautiful poem yaar. Really!Tera hi hai yeh?

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. that was a bit sad poem .. yet clear and unique way of writing .. keep smiling

  17. nice one...
    I can recall one creation by gulzar.
    Zindagi kya hai janane ke liye
    Zinda rahna bahuk jaruri hai
    Aaj tak koi bhi raha to nahin

    Good work

  18. i am nt really fit to comment on hindi literature....
    but still

    good attempt!

  19. hmm.. yeh kash ki duniya.. i can feel the whole poem.. and u had words like alam which i love a lot.. awesome work.. i envy u now for ur talents both in hindi and english

  20. lovely poem...
    the second line is ur future is gulzar

  21. Its an interesting read!! I am kinda in this position..But then everything happens for a reason!! Thats what I sat to myself

  22. NIce man! One of the few hindi pieces I enjoyed reading! and I guess a few "maatraas" we here and there..And yes as rash said..everything happens for a reson :D


  23. Chris, don't beat me up, but somehow this poem doesn't seem up to your standard, just like a normal song in a movie that would very soon be forgotten ... The emotions are good ( or bad ...since they speak of such grief) but the poetry is forgetful.

  24. I dunno..but nt very happy with the piece..didnt leave an impression..dun kill me fr this:-)


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