Thursday, 20 September 2007


Every one has peeves. I have my own set too. Read on to find out if your peeves match mine. I hate: -

  1. The screeching sound of rusted metal on hard surfaces. Like the sound of a mop's rusted rod rubbing against the floor.. Yuck!

  2. The shoddy and third - class advertisements on India TV.

  3. Too many people calling out my name at the same time.

  4. Too many sorry's and thank you's.

  5. People talking too loudly, whether or not on their cellphones.

  6. Guys leching openly at girls, and thinking it makes them look discreet man, its embarassing for the people who are with you.

  7. Speaking while chewing on paan. Not only is it an eyesore for people speaking to them, but its also not very pleasurable to have red spittle-droplets being showered on you.

  8. Dhoni look-alikes...eeks

  9. Girls who giggle too much, especially when they're in groups. No, seriously!

  10. Navjyot Singh Sidhu on TV. He laughs like a babboon high on laughing gas and rarely lets others speak.

  11. Abhijit Sawant's "Mohabbatein Lutaunga" aarghhh. And then his mouth spray ad - double aarghhh.
  12. The donkey who tries to bray tunes whenever he gets an opportunity, and makes crappy poems on INDIAN IDOL. Oh, his name's Anu Malik, is it?

  13. The "Yeh hai paaya paaya" qawwaali on THE GREAT INDIAN LAUGHTER CHALLENGE. Ought to be used by the police for torturing suspects for third degree interrogations. I guarantee 101% results [:p]

  14. Ravi Shastri and Wasim Akram's "Shaz And Waz" show during cricket match lunch breaks. Let us enjoy our breaks dudes.

  15. Some over-hyping, irrsponsible and judgmental media and news channels.

  16. Bhoot shows on 'NEWS CHANNELS'..sheesh.

  17. Saas bahu dramas on TV. No need to explain why.

  18. Shows like "LEFT RIGHT LEFT", "Sanjivani", "Saara Aakaash", etc that start off promising different kinds of stories, but eventually turn into sequels and remakes of point 17.

  19. TV journalists asking foreign male celebrities, "So what do you think about Indian women?".. What the hell? Are you TV journalists or pimps?

  20. Tele Shopping Network ads. Bizarre. Period.

  21. RGV's films and music in his movies. the song lyrics sound as if they've been forcibly translated from telugu to Hindi. And the movies he makes nowadays give stiff competition to another idiot "Kaizad Gustad's" movies. Poor fella, he's lost it.
  22. Hip-hop videos. Theyre all the same, lotsa gold chains, skimpily dressed gals, and "yeah, yeah" or "yo, yo"


  1. 2,5,6,7,9,16, 19

    the 18th one was the FUNNIEST bt some damn true

  2. i go with you on 16/20 things..really good post

  3. as usual crato! well written! i agree on 19/20!!!!!!!!

  4. lol I agree with all of them.. yeah 18th was funny..

    and i HATE that paaya paaya shit on laughter challenge... i find anu malik's poems funny.. girls giggle..well, no comments *giggle*

    I HATE SIDHHHHUUU but he makes me laugh... but i hate him more with every new thing he comes up with. the last was... when the reporter asked him about his views on twenty20.. he was like "dekho chocolate tasty bohot hoti hai but zada khaaogi to health kharab ho jayegi, tum ho to choti si..aur itni chocolate khaogi to kya hoga??? waise hee twenty 20... blah blah" ... somehow he compared the twenty20 world cup to a chocolate. *question marks all around*

  5. cheers man! what a sarcastic taste..nice witty stuff...n i agree with all the points


  6. hi, good work. Nice Articles.. keep blogging.. It will be better if you change your blog design..

  7. 1st is ultimate.. nothn frustrates like metal on a hard surface!! yuck..
    i detest people who don't make eye contact while speaking..

  8. oops.. now im not very good at making eye contact while speaking... dunno why

  9. Good one..

    Even i dont like the Shaz n waz and guls giggling without any reason...

  10. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa your posts are really njoyable :) Problem is u blog too little... cheers n smile a lot...

  11. yeah crato! i agree with the above post! you blog too lil! come on dude! we would like to read your bolg more often!

  12. hahahah
    got almost 19/20
    simple those stupid ghost shows on new channels and the breking news gets to ,my nerves
    keep posting

  13. Haha. that was really funny yaar.

  14. hehehehe....real good blog[:)]....although i daresay i kno frm where u got one of ur peeves frm..lolz[:p]

  15. @rolf - arre waah..kamaal hai [:p]

  16. Hehe....kept me in splits for 5 min....gawd.....very true...all of them except the first one......the metal one....hehe....thats nice.....but gud post ...

  17. Ek dam jhakaas. Each and every point is so funny!!!!! Even the introduction..sayin abt peeves..
    everyone has their own peeves and stuff ! title se end tak funny!
    wholesome blog!

  18. very much kinda funny! the 17 n 18 ones...
    dude my blog is waiting for your visit! do cum in an tell me if we can be blog frens

  19. itssssssssssssssssssssss awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee .u r really funny.yr post reminded me of chetan bhagat's five point someone

  20. @tentacles - that sound really does irritate me man. kinda like how you'd feel when someone scratches on a blackboard

    @proneat and jateen - thanx mates

    @sourav - i reminded u of chetan bhagat?? how come man?

  21. yea man! I agree with almost all of them! :P

  22. Yeah! Most of them get on my nerves and some I just ignore!!

  23. he he...funny post man

    i totally agree with "too many sorry's n thankyou's" and "dhone luk alikes...awww cant stand them really" ...

  24. I actually agree on evry thing wid you.....brilliant post

  25. 2 - ad's most of them are useless/reasonless/senseless/cheap and they still have impact. ch!
    3 - i hate being called by everyone all the time, i end up turning on my toes and since my toes hurt, i hate it too :P
    4 - egg-zacly, i'm too modest for sorries and thank-yous :P
    5 - specifically on cellphones, i think its a high time people learn cell-phone-ethics!
    6 - all reasons!

    you dont find a lot of people here who chew pans, and not so people who wear shoni style!

    PLEASR CRISS, GIRLS HAVE TO GIGGLE, men chuckle :P so its alright, ALRIGHT!! and i think its cute :p

    lol @ anu malik, i havent watched any of his shows though!

    saas bahu soaps are my biggest turn offs! they're too stupid, too slow, too glamorous, and almost have no story-line at all. i cant stand them!

    the rest, i have no idea if you were speaking French or Portuguese

  26. FUNNY HA.......



  27. 1,3,6,7,9,11,12,15,18

    and a few more of my own ,,,,

  28. it really becomes a necessity to outpour ur hatred on the blog if u r exasperated by ur enevitable surroundings to this maddening degree...

  29. hee hee these made me really laugh some of your explanations are hilarious!!!

  30. i share most of them, but i love the background score of RGV's films... Especially Sarkar


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