Wednesday, 16 May 2007


So you're at it again Mr.Rioter. We're really amazed at the way you're able to get provoked even at the drop of a pin. Truly amazing, the happenings that force a 'sensitive' soul like you to pick up stones, or swords, or anything that you can lay your hands on, and simply attack anything that comes in sight. Whether its Hritik kissing Ash in Dhoom 2, or Richard Gere kissing Shilpa, or an artist expressing his thoughts in an abstract manner, or a writer propounding his theory on what 'must have' really happened in the life of a revered king of the 15th century, or how a religious community propounds its religion. You're always there. What alertness! What sensitivity! What bravery!

So here you are in action once again, this time because there's a new 'Guru', and he chose to hold one of his pravachans dressed like the founder of your religion. Oh, how hurtful! How dare he liken himself to your Dharmguru? He needs to be taught a lesson, doesnt he? So you let all know why you're 'angry' and 'agitated' by speaking to the press. There you were, we saw you smiling, laughing and giggling like teenagers while you burnt the offendor's effigies, garlanded his statues and slapped his posters. You even got hold of a poor donkey who knew nothing about your offendor, and is not even remotely related to him, and you garland the poor animal and hit it.

And we all see how you're enjoying it, cause you're all laughing and guffawing. What seriousness!
Suddenly you realise that no one's taking you seriously. The police has decided to sideline this 'major crisis' you have brought to their notice, and have instead decided to spend their time on 'trivial' issues like rape, murder, loot, etc. This is outrageous. How can they ignore you this way? Even the leaders have decided that to give importance to your issue is a waste of time. You ought to be angry, don't you?

So what do you next, Dear Rioter? You pick up stones and stone anything that comes in sight. Some of your brethren even manage to wield their swords and pistols. We all know you're angry now, that offendor probably does need to be taught a lesson. But hey, we see that you've decided to get some practice for the real thing by attacking public and private property. You've gone to schools and colleges and hit the teachers and principals, forcing them to shut office for the day, or maybe a week. The kids probably needed a holiday since ages, and maybe they'll look towards you as heroes now. You've evn attacked hospitals and ambulances. Well, maybe its because you feel that you're all gonna get lathi-charged and they might put you in these very ambulances for treatment, and you feel that's against your 'shaan' to use ambulance services. What foresight, What heroism!

But let us interrupt your moment of pride, Dear Mr Rioter. We just want to ask you, where do you disappear when we really need you? You're there when consenting adults kiss, but where are you when rapes are committed? Where do you go when a politician's spoilt son goes on a rampage, looting, shooting, groping and raping? Where are you when government offices indulge in red-tapism? We admire your energy and enthusiasm. Why don't some of you join the police and armed forces and try making a difference? I'm sure that if you had used the same energy to do some social work, the world would have been a little less unhappy.

But we guess you might not even be able to read this after all. So this letter might actually be a lost cause. So we're looking forward to see you in action again in the future. And knowing how 'sensitive' you are, we know, that day is not too far off....till then, bye!


  1. Simply Gr8! I liked ur style..its kinda different..keep writing..all the best!

  2. Its sad to see youth wasted in these riots like this. When they could have acutally done something constructive...
    Great start dude!! keep blogging..
    Hope to see some of your shayari here soon :)

  3. i am ashamed to be a part of so cald modern and progresive India wherein people use der democratic rite for all d wrong reasons.
    Wish we all can do sumtin abt it...maybe wont be able to counter attack dem wid violence but wid words!!

  4. Food for thought dude but i wonder will the true offenders ever come to know how the rest of us feel about them? Such articles should be slapped across their faces.Keep going, someday someone just might read this and it just might make a difference.

  5. Its funny 2 c pple ruin each otherin the name of HUMANITY n RELIGION...
    All v can do is sit back n watch the destruction n pray tht it doesnt hapn 2 us sumde...
    N if this is not the situation then pple shud wake up n be their OWN SAVIOURS rather than expectin others 2 do the same...

  6. you write really ought to publish your articles. very good and thought provoking!!!

  7. good blog...but plz choose d blog color...sumthing ppl shld not stres their eyes,,,

  8. hey gr8 one der.... riots r useles n u put the same ides in a unique way. cool... rock on

  9. hmm.. ur very 1st post eh!!! i'd say that u have improved a lot.. and the spark was there since the very begining!!!
    though the points did get a bit repetetive, but i could sense the anger... well done!
    and i really liked this one..
    " The kids probably needed a holiday since ages, and maybe they'll look towards you as heroes now."
    But sadly, a year on... and all this still continues.. coz those rioters are nothing but hired puppets of the actual masterminds (politicians et all)

  10. @socorrina - thnk you dear. where have u disappeared? [:(]

  11. @ssnab - shayari started. sorry for responding late to this comment. more than a yr late! wow! [:d]

  12. @parul - they know we're offended. the very reason theyre doin it is to garner peace's cost though

  13. @pranay - aww thanx dude:)
    yeah, tht i think is never gonna change :(


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